Feast of Tabernacles

Garden City, UT.  |  Sept. 21 - Sept. 28, 2021

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Greetings brethren,

We now have a signed contract for God’s Feast of Tabernacles 2021. We are pleased to be able to meet at the Waterdance Resort in Garden City, Utah near the shores of the beautiful Bear Lake. As of this time, we are the only ones on the property. Our meeting facility is also on this property, so it is a short stroll out the back door, by the outdoor pool to services. At this point there are no Covid restrictions in Utah for religious services or for private dwellings. This will allow us to gather and worship God at His Feast, without interference from this world.

This site is only 125 miles from the Salt Lake City Airport, about a 2.5 hour drive.

We are expecting that we will be able to handle up to about 170 people for services, about half of which could possibly stay in the house we have already secured and where we will have meals and activities. There are other options for housing depending on your accommodation needs. We ask that you read the housing descriptions (on the "Accommodations" page) and then fill out the online registration/survey/application, detailing more specifics about your housing needs and/or desires. 

We will prepare many of our meals ourselves and the house has 5 fairly large kitchens that we will share and use for both group and individual meals. The group meals at last year’s Feast worked extremely well, the pre-Feast preparation made food prep at the Feast minimal and everyone feasted and fellowshipped. So, we will not change a good thing and plan to do the same thing this year, planning one group meal a day, everyone on their own for breakfast and the other meal (or like last year – the leftovers came out and were a big hit). We would rarely need to leave the property, but unlike last year's Feast location, there are other facilities, restaurants, stores, etc. relatively close by.

Everyone who attends is expected to help contribute as they are able at the Feast. Everyone is responsible for keeping the grounds, house, common areas, picked up and clean. There are many volunteer and serving opportunities available, some of which include: hall setup, hall teardown, hall cleanup, kitchen food prep, kitchen cleanup, food serving, activity coordination, fire pit monitoring, BBQ grilling, speaking, music, and other as needed. Additional suggestions welcome.

We appreciate anyone that can arrive early to set up on Monday 9/20 or stay and help clean up on the evening of 9/28. 

No smoking or animals/pets of any kind will be allowed on the property. 

The pool on the property closes at 10:00 pm and we will honor that and also respect our house partners with the same time for quiet hours (continue fellowship but with consideration for others)

We will start making housing assignments in about a month, so please get your reservations in early to help us accommodate your and everyone else’s needs. Please, if you request a rooming assignment, be committed, as you will be taking a spot that could be used by someone else. We expect to notify people of acceptance for rooming assignments shortly thereafter. We have also started to discuss the schedule and also the menus, so the sooner you provide input the better. Please register at the website regardless of whether you are staying in the house, on site, or at a nearby location. 

This year, because we wanted to reserve the entire house and meeting space, the Discipleship Church of God will be paying for the house and meeting space, including the sleeping arrangements in the house. We expect all those attending to practice the principles that God has outlined in His Word and to sincerely evaluate how God has blessed you and how you should respond at His Feast of Tabernacles. (Leviticus 23:33-44, Deuteronomy 16:13-17, Exodus 23:14-17, 34:18-26). We will as usual, have an offering box available throughout the Feast in the main meeting hall. Donations/Offerings/Tithes may be sent ahead of time to help offset our upfront Feast costs by sending a check to:

Discipleship Church of God
1001 Dream Weaver Drive
Erda, Utah 84074

Or donations may be made by Paypal or credit card online.

Any donations received designated for the Feast will only be used for the Feast.


More info on the area: Bear Lake Convention and Visitors Bureau: https://bearlake.org/


Please continue to come back to check for updates.